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Guest: Lisa Durupt

Twitter: @thelisadurupt

Insta: @thelisadurupt

Facebook: @thelisadurupt

IMDB: Here


Lisa Durupt may just be the busiest person in entertainment right now! We talk to her about her upcoming movies 'Breakthrough' with Topher Grace, 'Benchwarmers 2' with Chris Klein, her TV movies 'Christmas Lost and Found' premiering on Lifetime December 7th, and 'Reunited at Christmas' airing currently! We also talk about her upcoming TV series 'The Chronicle Mysteries' with Alison Sweeney, the production company she's involved with (Kafka Pictures), and Tricities Film Studio, a training center started by Lisa and her husband! Music provided by Chicago native Crystal Drake!

Kafka Pictures (discussed on the show)


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Tricities Film Studio (discussed on the show)


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