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Guest: Gene Fallaize

Twitter: @genefallaize

Insta: @realgenefallaize

IMDB: Here


If you don't know his name, you should! In an era where getting a movie made is extremely difficult, Gene Fallaize gets it done consistently! The last time he was on, we were talking about 'Cain Hill'. This time, we discuss his newest project - an action/thriller called 'Violent Lines'. Gene gives us a rundown of the project and talks about things like overcoming the challenges of filming fight scenes. We also discuss a couple of his other projects - 'Dudley' a Dudley Moore biopic, and 'The Beast of Jersey' a crime/thriller based on the true story of a man that terrorized the island of Jersey for over a decade! We also talk about the importance of audiences supporting independent films.


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